What Pope Benedict XVI will be doing in the future

What Pope Benedict XVI will be doing in the future

TYLER (KYTX) - As Pope Benedict XVI prepares for his final public appearance as Holy Father, the Vatican answered some questions Tuesday about his future.

After the pope retires, he will still be called "His Holiness" and will be referred to as "emeritus Pope" - basically meaning retired pope.

This new information has fueled concern about having both a reigning and retired pope in close vicinity, but a Tyler area deacon doesn't think it will cause conflict.

When something happens for the first time in 600 years, Deacon Bill Necessary says it's hard to have any expectations.

"Everything is coming as a surprise," he said.

Since Pope Benedict's resignation, questions about his future have been endless.

"What color is he going to wear? Where's he going to live? What are we going to call him?" Necessary asks.

Tuesday, some of the wondering came to an end.

Vatican Spokesman Fr. Tom Rosica said, "He will wear a simple white cassock. A very important point are the shoes, they will no longer be the red shoes you have seen him wear, he has chosen to keep brown shoes."

He will stay in the Vatican, living almost next door to the new pope.

Because the Catholic traditions and mentality have always taught that there is only one pope, it's hard for some people to wrap their minds around this concept.

"To some people this is changing every foundation of what they believe in," Necessary said. "It's just a lesson that all things pass. Only God is eternal and unchanging."

The Vatican says the soon-to-be "emeritus pope" intends to live a quiet and secluded life.

"Pope Benedict does not in any way want to steal a milliliter of the limelight away from his successor," said Professor at Pontifical Lataran University, Fr. Robert Dodaro.

Necessary hopes Catholics all over the world will accept the change and do what he and his community are doing.

"We're all praying for him now."

As we reported Monday, the pope has waived the 15 day waiting period to name a new leader so the Cardinals plan to set a date for the process to begin when they meet Monday.

Pope Benedict the 16th will give his final speech Wednesday. You can watch it stream live on at www.cbs19.tv from 11:30 to 2:30 p.m.


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