What to do during an explosion

What to do during an explosion

LONGVIEW/GREGG COUNTY(KYTX) - Bombs are going off, smoke is in the air and thousands of people are running, what are you going to do?

   "Probably would've run."
Angela Mays  is a Longview mom, she says besides protecting her children, running would be her *first instinct.
   "If it looks like it's something that's out of place, your natural reaction is to run FROM it."
   That was the right instinct in the case of Monday's explosion.
   But the Longview Fire Department says that's not always the best thing to do.
"Just taking off running without a plan may lead you into another situation."
   Like another explosion or some other unknown danger. Johnny Zachary is Longview's Fire Marshal. He says look for guidance from emergency workers on where to go and what to do.
  And whatever you do, don't panic.
    Zachary says think before you act.
"What am I doing, why do I need to do it, is it life threatening if I don't do it, or if I do, is it gong to bring me more problems than I'm already facing."
  1.  If you find yourself in a situation like Monday's bomb explosions in Boston, the Longview   Fire department says:
  2.  Slow down and assess yourself first - make sure you're physically okay before helping      others.
  3.  Do not run with large crowds - you could be running into more trouble.
  4.  Do not move anyone seriously injured -  unless they are in obvious, immediate danger
  "When you're more prepared and you know what to do in circumstances like that and you don't panic."
   And because you never know what'll take place at the next crowded event you attend, it's better to be prepared and safe than not prepared and sorry.
   The fire department says if a tragedy like Mondays were to occur at an event you were attending and you did not get hurt to always be prepared to assist first responders in helping others.



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