When to buy organic produce

Organic Food

TYLER (KYTX) -  The produce aisles can be overwhelming. So many options! One of those major options we have is to pay a bit more for organic fruits and vegetables.

USDA organic certified means you don't get the synthetic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.

Organic is probably more like how you remember grandma's garden. But, that kind of quality comes with a cost, and produce experts say it's not always necessary to shell out the extra cash on fruits and vegetables.

At FRESH by Brookshire's, organic produce is a popular choice among customers.

It's what Ashleigh Endicott prefers.

"I cook with it. I eat it. I eat a lot of raw fruit throughout the day. So, I just want to have- if I'm going to eat the fruit, I want to get the best that I possibly can and have the best results from in. And so, I feel like organic is the way to go on those, for sure."

But, FRESH produce manager George Flores admits, organic is more expensive.

"Yes. They are a little bit pricier."
But, it also depends on what you're buying.

"If your average apple is about $1.99 per pound right now, then usually organic apples will be about $2.39, up to $2.99, depending on the variety."

Regular bananas will run you 59 cents per pound here and organic are 99 cents per pound.
Flores says if you're looking to save money, bananas are an item you can just buy regular- basically anything with a peel or protective outer layer.

"Because they're more protected from those chemicals. says Flores. "You can slide with oranges or you can slide with a grapefruit."
Avocados too- because you don't eat the outside, where the majority of chemicals are found.

That means when we do eat the skin on fruits and vegetables, Flores says we should buy organic. That includes fruits like berries and apples.

"Obviously, the items with skin on them are going to have more pesticides because they're a little bit more sensitive. So, they're more susceptible to bug damage."
Endicott says it's worth the extra money to avoid pesticides and chemicals.

"I just think it's a better way all the way around. You eliminate the pesticides that you would have in the normal fruits and it's just an easy way to have a better product."

There is no nutritional difference in produce that is organic and produce that is not.


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