Whitehouse mulls curbside recycling option

WHITEHOUSE (TYLER MORNING TELEGRAPH) - Whitehouse could be the next community to offer curbside recycling if the option is feasible and residents show support.

City officials are trying to determine the level of interest and what the cost of curbside recycling would be, City Manager Mike Peterson said.

The recycling would be a service for the customer at a minimal cost, which would be added to the person's trash bill, he said. Pickup would be twice a month.

"We're trying to see how much interest there is and if we (can do it)," Peterson said. "We had talked about it in the past, and we had looked into it. At that time, we decided not to do it simply for financial reasons then it was brought up by one (council) member (who) said, 'Can we look at this again?'"

Whitehouse Councilman Charles Park­er, who asked about the possibility, said the city has a successful recycling center in operation now, and if it finds a way to expand that to home pickup, he believes it would be beneficial to the community.

"Certainly we want to investigate (recycling) if citizens are already doing that," he said. "I wonder how many more people would like to participate in something and get rid of those old bottles and jugs if they just had the opportunity to do it. They may not have time to go by the recycle center, (so) we're trying to be more service-oriented, and this is a (next step)."

As part of that next step, Whitehouse posted a poll on its website, www.whitehousetx.org, asking residents if they would be interested in participating in such a program.
Residents can vote "yes" or "no" by sending an email to city@whitehousetx.org.

Peterson said the poll likely will be online for about two more weeks. He plans to report the findings to City Council members at a meeting later this month.

If the recycling program does eventually get the go-ahead from residents and city officials, Whitehouse will join other cities that offer curbside recycling.

In Tyler, residents can sign up for subscription-based curbside recycling for $2.50 plus tax per month, according to the city website. The subscription includes a recycling cart, the website states.


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