Who is James Calvert?

TYLER (KYTX) - We're learning more about who James Calvert is. People in his life paint a picture of a man with a troubled life.

In the Smith County Courthouse, we found pages and pages of documents related to the divorce and custody battle between James Calvert and his ex-wife, Jelena Sriraman.

In the court documents, Jelena stated she feared for her life. She said Calvert had a fascination with guns and threatened her if he ever took them away.

Jelena also stated in her affidavit that her husband had a protective order against him from his first wife for assault. The affidavit went on to state that Calvert "slammed a couch in a fit of anger and bumped one of their children."

Records show Calvert suffered from mental illness, including depression.

"He always looked at me aggressively, but the words that came out of his mouth and his tone never caught my interest," said Cameron Castleberry.

Cameron Castleberry represented Jelena during her child custody battle.

About two weeks ago, a jury decided that Jelena could move their two children from Smith County to Houston where Jelena's new husband works.

"He was tearing up, crying at the idea. He never shouted. He never slammed anything down," said Castleberry.

But on Wednesday, Castleberry got a phone call from Jelena.

"She had told me yesterday morning that he had threatened to do something to me. He knew my social security numbers and other information about me," explained Castleberry.

Castleberry evacuated his office, took his kids out of school and rushed them to a hotel fearing what Calvert may do.

"He owned a computer business. It was already sort of rumored he investigated people," said Castleberry.

Friends of Jelena said she was concerned about her ex-husband, but wanted her children to have a relationship with their father.

"She always had a smile on her face. No matter the challenges she's been through," said Jennifer Deck.

Her pastor at Southern Oaks Baptist Church, Larry Craig, said she would often get advice from him about her problems. But in the end, she always turned to God.

"I would say she was a praying and a God fearing woman," said Pastor Craig.

A woman who her friends believe is in Heaven, while her ex-husband sits in a jail cell.



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