Will the shutdown drag down your investments?

Will the shutdown drag down your investments?

Fears over the continuation of the government shutdown have a lot of people re-assessing their investments and the potential risks involved.

"I'm an everyday citizen,' Ricky Harper of Tyler said. "I work every day. I want to be retired pretty soon. You never know. Down the line it could affect many Americans."

Since the government shutdown, a lot of people have predicted another recession. But we're not there yet.

"It hasn't gotten to a point at which there's blood in the streets," Brandon Johnston said.

Johnston is the First Vice President of Investments at Wells Fargo Advisors in Tyler, so he watches these things closely. He said the shutdown is a reminder to check on your investments.

"It's good to re-evaluate where you stand from an allocation standpoint and from a risk management standpoint," Johnston said. "And do the proper things within a portfolio. I like to call them lifeboat drills."

Johnston said the economic tailwind going into the shutdown should be enough to carry us through unless the shutdown stretches on.

The debt ceiling--and the need to pass a bill addressing it--is has made October 17th somewhat of a deadline. After that riskier investments could take more of a beating.

"We're pretty confident that we will see a resolution before the deadline and that they'll get this resolved," Johnston said.

No matter what kind of investments you have, you should not make any decisions without receiving personalized advice from a professional.


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