Winter weather results in wrecks and icy road conditions

TYLER (KYTX) - Winter weather has been slamming east Texas, causing accidents, bringing down power lines and trees. On all fronts, Tyler has been hit a lot. 

Since 3:00 Sunday afternoon, sleet began falling hard and fast, within seconds, the ice started sticking to the car, sticking to the ground, causing quite a few problems on the roads.

"This is the storm we've all been anticipating for a while and it's time to go to work."

TxDot crews have a Texas size job ahead of them...with winter weather slamming the area in a short amount of time...the roads have gotten bad.

"This a mess more than anything being slushy," said Jesse Gregg who lives at the corner of Loop 323 and Henderson highway.

"I knew it was coming but boy I just don't' realize why people  drive the way they do, why they are even out here."

It was on that corner, where the slick roads caused an accident which sent at least one person to the hospital.

"This is the one to definitely stay home fore, if you don't' have  to be out driving in this," said Larry Krantz with TxDot.

Colorado native Casey Mai, unlike most other people in east Texas...isn't' bothered by the weather.

"I find this weather to be a pretty mild winter...but everyone here seems to be thinking this is pretty crazy."

Krantz says since ice began forming early Sunday afternoon, crews have been hitting elevated structures like loop 49 and interstate 20.

"This is round two that you see departing here. This one's clearly is everything  it's cracked up to be and we're ready."

But the bad weather didn't stop there...

It's responsible for this power line crashing down threatening to burn down a home in Tyler. Caused this awning to collapse, and caused numerous slips and slides on the roads.



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