Wise Elementary students learning to reduce, reuse, recycle


CHAPEL HILL (KYTX) - Earth Day may be over, but did you know the whole month of April is dedicated to promoting environmental awareness and sustainability?

Teachers at Wise elementary are using hands-on projects to drive home the three Rs to their students- reduce, reuse, recycle.

Whether it's a hand-made creation or a message in a hip-hop song, students are now hoping to inspire others to "go green."

"You, you, you- treecycle!"

Wise Elementary students want you to recycle.

"They should put recycled stuff in the recycle box."

Six-year-old Katie Westerman and her classmates have been learning about that kind of "stuff" all month long.

"Plastic, paper, cardboard and aluminum cans."

Because not just anything goes in the recycle bins.

"Don't put food or nasty tissues in the recycle box."

Those items go in the trash.

"Kids have been talking about it like crazy lately."

Teacher Robyn Renick says her students' favorite project so far- gathering recyclable products to make artwork.

"I've been just amazed with some of the stuff that the families have made. And, the kids can all tell you what they used to make the item."

Katie made an owl

"I made it out of a CD, forks and sticks... a necklace." she says.

Renick says these kinds of projects are meant to teach students that our world doesn't have an infinite amount of resources.

"Water and this kind of stuff that we cannot make any more of. And so now, they really know the importance of, you know, to conserve electricity, really conserve water because it may not be there one day for them or their kids."

But, making small, simple changes today can pave the way for a world that lasts generations.

"You, treecycle!"

The student's artwork will be on display through May 1 at Wise Elementary, if you'd like to come see it for yourself.


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