Witnesses describe possible tornado in Sabine County

Witnesses describe possible tornado in Sabine County

One woman was killed and another injured in a strong storm that blew through the Strickland Crossing area near Pineland around 1:30 Thursday afternoon. Trees were snapped in half, roofs were blown off homes and neighbors ran for cover.

Driving along the street through Strickland Crossing it looks like a freight train came through and just knocked everything down.

"It's louder than a train," Cheyenne Rumsey said.

Rumsey saw it coming toward his home and said it looked like a funnel cloud.

"It was crazy," he said. "It was twisting and everything."

Rumsey and his family took cover while it passed. They came out less than a minute later and saw the house next door chopped in half by a tree. 74-year-old Louise Stringer was inside.

"And we ran in there and saw her and we called 911 for her," Rumsey said. "The tree hit her. Hit her in the top of the head. And I guess it shoved her over when the tree fell."

Stringer died on the way to the hospital. Her sister-in-law was also in the house and injured her leg.

"It just shows you how strong the wind can be with all the damage that's done," Stringer's neighbor Tricia Conn said.

Conn's living room window was broken, but her house was still standing.

"We are blessed," she said. "It could have been a whole lot worse. There was a big oak tree standing and it fell. The good Lord was just with us because it's just a couple of feet from the trailer."

Now these neighbors are cleaning up the mess.

"Yeah," Rumsey said. "Craziest thing I've ever seen around here."

There was a small amount of damage in Pineland, where the storm uprooted several trees.

On Friday the National Weather Service will survey damage to determine if the storm actually produced a tornado.


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