Workers fired after Whataburger confrontation goes viral

SHREVEPORT, La (KTBS) - Whataburger has made fast work of some of its workers, saying it's fired those involved in an angry and disturbing confrontation at its restaurant in southeast Shreveport early Saturday.

That confrontation was caught on a customer's cell phone video.

"You ain't gettin' nuttin!" a female worker at the cash register is heard yelling at Jerry Woods. Why? His combo had gone wrong, winding up in the hands of another customer at the restaurant on Bert Kouns near Youree.

Of the customer who got his order, Woods says, "He reached in the bag and touched around everything and that he finally said hey this is not my order."

Woods says he asked them to make him a fresh order, but the cook refused. Then he asked for his money back. They refused that, too, he says. And that's when things got really ugly, as Woods watched what the cook did with his order."

"I seen him grab another bag and take that burger out the bag and put it in another one," Woods described. "I said, oh that, that ain't right."

Yelling went on for more than three minutes between Woods and the workers -- the cook and the gal at the register. Woods says he heard threats.

"I heard somebody say they were gonna stab me. I'm like what? Then that made me even more mad," Woods says.

The customer who shot the video -- who did not want his identity known in this story -- says it was frightening.

"My fiance', she's hiding in the bathroom thinking there might be a gunfight or something going on," he said.

The supervisor tried to restore order, but the clerk came back at Woods and his heard saying, "I'll spit on your food!"

Woods said he finally did get his money back, and later got an apology from the company. But it's too little, too late.

"I'm not coming back to this one. Never," he says.

Whataburger Director of Operations Robert Ortner said in a statement in part, "Based on the actions shown in this video, and our internal investigation, the employees involved have been let go."

Meantime, the video has gone viral. By Monday evening, it had been shared more than six thousand times.


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