Yorkie paralyzed after being credited for saving boy's life

DICKINSON (KHOU)-- An 11-pound dog is paralyzed and in a tremendous amount of pain after protecting a child from another dog.

Ezio the Yorkie is suffering from a broken neck, spinal cord and a crushed trachea.

It happened on Friday in Dickinson.

Shannon Long says her neighbor's dog broke through a plywood fence and aggressively approached her 3-year-old grandson in their backyard.

Ezio had seen enough and charged toward the much larger dog.

"The dog was 10 times the size of Ezio. This big giant dog, if it stands up, is as tall as me," explained grandmother Shannon Long. "The dog is ferocious."

Long says Ezio ended up in the dog's mouth as her grandson ran inside the house.

"So he picks Ezio by his neck and lifts him and shakes and shakes and shakes and throws him down," said Long.

Ezio was rushed to a veterinarian's office where it cost $5,000 to keep him alive.

"We don't have a lot of money. We have three kids and two grandkids," said Long. "My daughter emptied her bank account. My husband and I emptied our bank account.

The family refuses to give up on their little brave dog.

However, they are being told it will cost at least another $10,000 to give Ezio a shot at walking again.

"The doctor said, well, you'll have to put him down," cried Long. "I just can't do that. He saved Gavin's life, and I can't give up on his."

Long's grandson says Ezio is his best friend.

He is hopeful they will be able to play again soon.

"Ezio was trying to get that big dog," said 3-year-old Gavin Clark. "He saved my life."

Long's landlord has installed a brand new fence to prevent the neighbor's dogs from breaking through again.

According to Long, this has been a recurring problem since she began renting the home a year ago.

She says an animal control officer told her that he couldn't take action unless the dog harmed her grandson or killed Ezio.

Long's next door neighbor was not available for comment on Thursday.

The family has set up the site to raise donations. Click here if you would like to contribute to Ezio's recovery.


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