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Friend rescues 16-year-old from near drowning on Lake Tyler

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TYLER (KYTX) - A 16-year-old boy is alive after friends saved him as he struggled to stay above the Lake Tyler waters. The lake grounds were crowded the Ruben Reyes went out too far in the water with a friend. He's able to smile after it all, but when it was happening it was almost too much to handle.

"I got too far and I panicked," said Reyes.

Reyes' family and friends were gathered at the lake for a Memorial Day cook out when Reyes lost his composure after going out too far ultimately going under the water. One of the witnesses recalls what he saw.
 "He was choking on the water and he was panicking," said Carlos B.

He said his father came to the teen's rescue.  "My dad saved him and took him out. And then what happened they took him out and laid him down and he was throwing up the water."  

After the scare, paramedics and other emergency crews got to the scene to make sure he and his friend were ok.

"Be careful have fun, safety is the main priority," said Game Warden Brad Clark.

He went on and said,  "If you're not a good swimmer don't' go in deep water."  

In this case Reyes' friend said he couldn't swim at all.

The near drowning took place just a few yard from the shoreline, however that combined with not being able to swim and panic turned out to be so frightening that now other children are thinking twice about getting into the lake.

"Scared like I didn't want to go back to the water," said Carlos.

He said he now rather swim in a pool because there are lifeguards and after seeing his dad come to the rescue of the drowning teen he proud of his father.





TYLER (KYTX) - Close call for a 16-year-old Smith County boy today.  Just after 1 p.m. Ruben Reyes accidentally swam out to far on Lake Tyler and started to panic.  Reyes' friend swam out to his rescue him when they both went under. 

The friend managed to pull them both up and swam to back to shore.

Smith County game warden Brad Clark says Reyes panicked and didn't know what to do causing him to go under. 

Paramedics arrived to the scene to check the teenagers out and they are reportedly doing fine. 

Smith County Game Warden warns people on the Lake this Memorial Day to make sure they are wearing a floating device and never swim alone. 

The boys' family was out there for Memorial Day celebration and they are happy they are safe.

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