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SleepRate to Help Millions Sleep Better and Live Better

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First to Track, Assess and Offer Personalized, Guided Sleep Improvement

PALO ALTO, Calif., Jan. 23, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- SleepRate (, a company that helps people sleep better to improve their quality of life, today released the first affordable sleep improvement solution based on proprietary sleep analysis algorithms as well as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBTI) protocols exclusively licensed from Stanford University School of Medicine, Psychiatry, and Behavioral Sciences. This non-pharmacological approach is recognized by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) as a "first line treatment" for insomnia*.


SleepRate uses patented technology, based on Brain-Heart connection, to assess the underlying cause of a sleep issue by monitoring and analyzing a person's heart rate over the course of five nights. The personalized Sleep Improvement Plan considers peoples' biological clocks, sleep drive and alertness as a basis for recommendations to help people fall asleep easily and maintain their sleep. The plan guides people through a series of sleep-related behavioral goals, over the course of a few weeks, and helps people understand why specific recommendations are made. A goal may include behavior changes, such as waking up at the same time each morning, conditioning the connection of bed with sleep, and using the body's sleep drive to re-learn how to fall asleep quickly.

"In studies, we've seen that most people treated with CBTI improve their sleep," said Dr. Rachel Manber, director of the insomnia program at the Stanford Center for Sleep Medicine and Research. "CBTI is a structured intervention that helps people concentrate their energy on actions that are most likely to produce improvements in their sleep fairly quickly."

SleepRate's Sleep Improvement Kit includes:

  • Individualized sleep improvement plan that uses CBTI.
  • Detection of sleep disruptions that occur with various sleep disorders (e.g. sleep apnea). Since SleepRate is not a medical device, detection of sleep disruptions that may be caused by sleep apnea, is followed by a recommendation to seek diagnosis and treatment by a qualified physician. This is a prerequisite for starting the Sleep Improvement Plan.
  • Detection of environmental factors that may disrupt sleep, so they can be addressed and avoided.
  • A Polar H7 Bluetooth heart rate monitor.
  • A smart alarm, to help people wake up at the right time in their sleep cycle to optimize how they feel when they wake up.
  • The kit can be purchased in the U.S. at or on Amazon for $99.99.

An affordable, non-pharmaceutical, easy-to-use solution for a massive problem

"Many view sleep as a luxury in today's fast paced, uber-connected world, however, science proves otherwise - proper sleep is critical to overall health and well-being. In fact, people can live longer without food than without sleep!" said Uli Gal-Oz, CEO of SleepRate. "SleepRate's solution was designed to help millions, suffering with poor sleep, take control of their nights -without a pill or side effects."

Only two percent of the 50-70M people in the U.S. that have trouble sleeping get treated. In a survey of 1000 people in the U.S., 70 percent said that sleep affects their quality of life. Furthermore, 80 percent of 500 medical professionals surveyed said restful sleep is important to overall health and wellness, and 70 percent said improving sleep habits would lead to cost savings in healthcare.

"Short term sleep issues affect work and day-to-day activities, while chronic insomnia may lead to a surge in serious health problems such as: coronary heart disease, stroke, diabetes, obesity, and/or injury from accidents," said SleepRate's founder, Dr. Anda Baharav, MD, an expert and former researcher in Sleep Medicine at the Medical Physics Department at Tel Aviv University. "Physicians focus on detecting medical causes of poor sleep, yet this disregards psycho-physiological and environmental issues that compromise sleep, and account for as much as 85% of all cases. SleepRate uncovers all three causes, and deals with the last two: psycho-physiological and environmental sleep disruptors."

SleepRate can be accessed on the iPhone 4S and above, the iPad 3 and above, or the iPod touch 5th generation and above, with the latest version of iOS 7 installed. Download SleepRate for free in the App Store and get the products at or on Amazon. Join the conversation at or follow @SleepRate on Twitter.

About SleepRate

Based in Palo Alto, California and Petach Tikva, Israel, SleepRate ( uses a smartphone and a heart rate monitor to accurately assess sleep issues, and offers an individualized sleep improvement plan, based on the Stanford University's CBTI protocols. This unique approach offers a level of insight, not currently available, in identifying the root causes of sleep issues and helping improve sleep. SleepRate currently offers the only solution that combines sleep analysis with steps to resolve sleep problems. The company has been founded and is led by leading experts in sleep medicine. 

*NIH State-of-the-Science Conference Statement on Manifestations and Management of Chronic Insomnia in Adults, Volume 22, Number 2, July 13-15, 2005

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MSR Communications for SleepRate

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