Mr. Six-dates-in-one-night Justin says he's sorry—sort of

He prefers to call these kind of meet-ups “preliminary conversations.”

The D.C. man who lined up six dates in one night said he’s sorry—sort of.

“It was a mistake,” said the man going by the name of “Justin.”

On Monday, Justin basically lined up a round of speed-dating at Truxton Inn. The women arrived one by one and were on to his game. They ended up joining forces and getting drinks together at a bar across the street.

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The whole situation unfolded live on Twitter in an epic string of updates from Lisette Pylant—date #1.

When she confronted him that night, he responded “Well, I’m a project manager, I manage my time efficiently.”

But according to Justin, the women also got the wrong impression.

“Never said ‘Let’s go on a date.’ I always say ‘Let’s meet for drinks.’ If I take you on a date you will know it’s a date. There will be flowers and dinner and some other cool things involved,” Justin said in an interview with Inside Edition.

He prefers to call these kind of meet-ups “preliminary conversations.”

Still, Justin felt a little bad for how the whole situation went down.

“I’m not going to deny who I am and I’m not going to deny that I wanna meet a bunch of people, but I approached this wrong and I am sorry for that,” he added.

And he added that he is in fact still in the dating game.

“I’m looking for love.”

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Maybe just try one "preliminary conversation" at a time, Justin!