Caught on camera: Teen employee attacked at S.A. Papa John's

KENS 5 obtained footage of a fight inside a San Antonio restaurant where a teenaged employee was attacked by several other teens.

Chaos broke out at a San Antonio pizza shop after a group of teens stormed the place.

Customers at the Papa John's Pizza on Potranco near Ellison recorded the ordeal on Sept. 15.

At least one employee said they're upset no one has been arrested. The San Antonio Police Department was unable to confirm Monday if any arrests have been made.

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Authorities said a group of teenagers from Stevens High School came to the restaurant to fight a 17-year-old girl who worked there. According to a police report, a manager sent the girl to the back, but the suspects pushed their way through and started kicking and punching the girl.

At least two others were hit when they tried to stop the attack.

A witness said more than a dozen people were inside the restaurant during this ordeal. They said the restaurant was ransacked with computers and food thrown everywhere.

KENS 5 requested an interview with the manager but he declined.

Instead, Papa John's sent us this statement:

"Papa John’s is committed to the safety and security of our employees and customers. This was an isolated incident that occurred at our Potranco location. We are working closely with the San Antonio Police Department, Northside Independent School District and John Paul Stevens High School on this open investigation. All further inquiries and information surrounding the incident or those involved should be directed to the San Antonio Police Department."

The girl who was targeted told police she's had problems with the suspects for years.

Fortunately, no one was seriously injured.