American State Bank Week 11 Player of the Week: Noah Bush

Athens Senior RB/LB Noah Bush is this week's last American State Player player of the week.

The 11th and final winner plays on both sides of the ball.

On offense Bush ran for 166 yards and 3 touchdowns and on defense, he had 21 tackles and a sack. And while his team missed the playoffs, he will be playing next year at a division 1 college.

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"Well I played football since I was a little kid and I play a lot of other sports too, but football has always been my first love and it's something that I want to do in college I work really hard at it and try to be the best I can so that's what it means," Bush said.

"I didn't play offense until this year so I've always known line backer and so this year I'm going to learn how to be a running back so that was a challenge as well I think playing both way it's a whole other ball game really because you're non stop running and and just going full speed every play basically it's a lot of fun I really enjoy it," Bush said.

"It was a challenge learning and taking on this new role of scoring person on offense and having to lead my team on both ends of the ball so initially I just really want to win the game since it was my last game as a senior and my high school career..." Bush explained, "so I put a lot of effort and focus into practice the weeks leading up and I didn't know if I was going to be running the ball a lot or not that much but we just kept driving through the game and it turned out I had a really good game and it was fun and I'm glad we got the win."

"It means a lot to my community to be able to represent them and my high school and I've been on varsity since my sophomore year so just being a senior this year it means a lot to me." Bush said.