TJC Arts Fest: Dance Department features 'Sleeping Beauty' with a twist

The annual TJC Arts Fest is coming up in April and packed full of events and performances collaborating with multiple departments.

The TJC Arts Fest is a celebration of the various dynamic arts programs at the college, including art, music, theater, speech, honors, visual communications, and dance.

The TJC dance department has been working hard since December preparing for their rendition of 'Sleeping Beauty' for DanceFest, which kicks off TJC's Arts Fest, April 6-8.

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While many children and parents are familiar with the traditional story of 'Sleeping Beauty' - the TJC dance department is working on a different take on the classic fairy tale.

“Even though we have the actual script and the idea of Sleeping Beauty I had to incorporate my own ideas, some of the parts from Maleficent as well as the 1812 version of brother Grimm so we see a lot of different aspects," says Artistic Director, Shurrell Wiebe.

From the costumes to the special effects and of course the choreography, this magical production presented by the department will leave everyone feeling happily ever after.

Tickets are only $10 and go on sale March 9th.

DanceFest: April 6-8

Arts Fest: April 1-30