VERIFY: Does freezing batteries make them last longer?

Batteries are a common household item that we often work to preserve. We set out to verify if freezing them makes them last longer.

QUESTION: Does freezing batteries make them last longer?


PROCESS: During the holiday season many parents find themselves scrambling to the store to buy batteries for all the presents under the tree. Most toys require them, but they are usually not included.

Depending on how many batteries you need, they can get pricey.

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Many find themselves trying to stretch the lifetime on the tiny power sources, and some people even put them in the freezer in hopes that they last longer.

Our fact checkers asked Ken Prine, a manager at Interstate Batteries in Longview, to verify. He told CBS19 that putting batteries in the freezer will not make them last longer.

"They are what they are and putting them in the freezer is not going to help extent the life on them," said Prine. "It's more of a myth than a reality."


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