Smith County candidates plan to campaign until Tuesday in hotly contested races

They've manned the polls in the pouring rain. They've posted photos and information on their social media accounts. And they've placed ads in the papers and on the airways.

Campaigning won't stop for two of the most hotly contested races in Smith County's Republican primary election.

In the district attorney's race, Assistant DA Jacob Putman and private family law attorney Alicia Barkley will spend the weekend doing last-minute campaigning. However, both also must keep their minds on their jobs as they have to be in court early next week.

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Putman is scheduled to be in court Monday and Wednesday. There are five cases in various stages on the 7th District Court's docket that he is prosecuting Monday. He's also scheduled to be in court Wednesday, according to judicial records.

"I will likely pick a jury Monday and present evidence on Wednesday," he said. "Tuesday my court has civil cases set."

Putman has been engaging on social media with his backers and thanking them for their support. His social media pages show he's been at the polls encouraging people to vote.

Barkley said her campaign is spending the weekend engaging with voters on social media and on the phone lines.

"There is a group of DPS troopers' wives that will be knocking on doors and getting the word out to the voters if they haven't gotten to the polls," Barkley said. "We're going to keep on and do what we've been doing since we started and that is just to get the word out to people."

She's also scheduled to be in court at 9 a.m. Wednesday.

The two local family law attorneys who are running for the 321st District Court judge position, James Carter and Robert Wilson, also are making the most of their time before Tuesday.

Wilson said he's spending the last few days of his election campaign walking some neighborhoods, checking voting lists, calling voters, spending some time with family and going to church on Sunday.

"I'm not scheduled to be in court," he said. "That will give me some freedom to circulate through the polling locations."

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Carter said he will push information out to the voters on his website and social media page this weekend.

"We will be continuing to work hard until the polls close on Tuesday," Carter said.