ASB Player of the Week - Garrett Moseley

The week 2 winner of the American State Bank Player of the Week award is the first QB in 2017 and the first repeat winner from last year.

VAN - After making it to the playoffs last year the Van Vandals are on course to make another run. The team has lost a few players from last years squad but the Vandals are fortunate to have quarterback Garrett Moseley back in action for the 2017 season.

We're in familiar territory this week, just last season he put up big numbers and he is currently doing so this year. His team is 2-0 and he's this week's American State Bank Player of the Week.

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"It's a good feeling being 2-0 we go into every week just trying to be 1-0 for that week and the beginning of the game last week we thought we were about to be 0-1 and we just kept fighting and everybody stayed calm you'd think we'd start stressing on the sideline everybody had smiles on their face and we just kept playing and that's what we did," says Moseley

"I saw the stats because my dad he always sends them to me after the game but us guys around here nobody talks about stats nobody, when we come out to practice nobody is says throw me the ball more do this do that everyone is like we're going to whip these guys tails this week that's what we're talking about."

"The biggest brotherhood I have with the guys in here is probably the o-line some of those guys I've been playing with since first grade and that's probably my favorite brotherhood that we have in this locker room, going in the huddle and you look at those five guys and their some of your best friends it's a really comfortable feeling."

"He's [Head Coach Jared Moffatt] definitely one of the biggest reasons for the teams success he knows how win and he really knows how to game plan I mean Saturday morning he's already routing the next game plan and he's go it set Saturday evening he's texting me telling me what we're going to do, on Monday at practice I'm like coach we just played last night relax a little bit, he's the real deal and he comes in ready to work every day."

"I guess from going from one year to the other the closer you get to it being the end you just take everything more serious every single play because it may be your last because it could be, and you just make everything the real deal you take everything more serious it's definitely a lot of fun we come out here and sometimes I get too serious I have to remind myself that it's just a game and you have to have a little fun."

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