ASB Player of the Week - Isaiah Haggerty

The American State Bank Player of the Week Award is back for 2017 and our first winner is a wide receiver from T.K. Gorman who had a very impressive opening game.

TYLER - After losing wide receiver Judah Bell to SMU, the T.K. Gorman Crusaders are looking to senior wide receiver Isaiah Haggerty to not only step up but dominate the gridiron this season. Last week the Crusaders beat the Garrison Bulldogs 41-35 and Haggerty lead the way with a stellar performance.

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Haggerty came through for the Cru, he finished the game with nine catches for 284 yards, four touchdowns, and an interception. Haggerty, was chosen as this week's American State Bank Player of the Week. As of last year this is the first time the award has been given to a wide receiver.

"Every time I touch the field I want to run every route as hard as I can as if it's my last no matter if it's play 129 it doesn't matter I just want to run do my job and do whatever I can to get the win," says Haggerty.

"It was a great win we went in prepared we knew what we were getting into before we got into the game and we knew what the defense was going to be we knew what the offense was going to be."

"I knew I was going to do that because I came in the game prepared I knew what I was going to do I knew where the ball was going to be before I even turned my head Jake and I just connected he knew where the ball was going to be I knew where the ball was going to be made the play and my thing is to score the ball whenever I touch it."

"I'm having a whole lot of fun you know it was first week and two-a-days we were to have pads and I was really excited to put those pads on and start hitting running the real routes you know with the pads and get the real feeling of the game."

"I already knew it was going to happen and I believed in myself I just came in I looked in the mirror before the game told them I was going to be something before the game and you all are going to remember me and I just came in the game and did my work."

"This wasn't my best game, my best game is in the future I'm going to work hard to get better stats and win every time."

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"You know it represents our school anytime somebody sees a football player at Bishop Gorman they're going to know it's us, the C-R-U this Cru TK Gorman that's what we represent every time we put this jersey on."

"You know this team means family I've been here for 5 years and you know all of these teammates are my brothers I like them by my side and I trust them to play with them against whoever wants to line up against us."

"We do everything together there isn't a time when we're not together every time we're doing something we're always here together."

"He [Coach McFarlin] left a big impression on me because we came from the same to the same school and we know how each other works and it's kind of exciting for him to come back to us and making big things happening this year."

"We have a motto at our school hard work beats talent we're talented but we work hard it doesn't matter how talented we are and we bond together and get on the field and do the right thing and listen to our coaches and just being 1-0 every week and get to the playoffs and just get that championship ring."