ASB Player of the Week - Quindarius Johnson

Our 3rd American State Bank player of the week is a sophomore who is doing some incredible things on both sides of the ball in Winona.

WINONA - Coming off of a freshman campaign where he ran for 1000 yards and had 5 interceptions. This athlete is back for his sophomore year and he's terrorizing teams on both sides of the ball and he's this weeks American State Bank Player of the Week.

First our coach had us practice through out the week really hard, and he told us to go out there and fight no matter what and give it you're all and he said just play with heart and just keep on going and keep on fighting no matter what it cost. Our offensive line did a real good job of blocking, while the defense did a good job, and we came out with a big lead and we had a bigger heart.

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Playing on both sides of the ball gets tiring sometimes. But once you have heart that's when it kicks in you can't ever show the enemy that you're weak so we condition a lot we run a lot at practice I still have to keep on going but it gets tiring sometimes but you can't show them that you're weak.

I always looked up to Marshawn Lynch I always looked up to Zeke even when he was in college I tell coach every Friday you're going to see beast mode and that's what I keep my mindset on, and I've been playing the game since I was 5. My grandpa was real strict on always keeping my head up, run, play with heart and play for your team as well as to not be selfish. So everybody gets a piece don't get mad if you don't get the ball because at the end of the day it's still our point.

There's no "I" point. None of that, it's we scored together no matter who scored we all still got a point. It's about the Winona Wildcats not the Winona wildcat. As long as you play together and be discipline you can go anywhere. It feels good, everybody is close and everybody knows you so it's not like it's a big city like nobody knows you but it feels good knowing everybody is your friend.

Well he [Coach Kaylon Kincade] was an NFL player at one time and I want to be just like him he wants me to be better and I understand that I want to do what he did except be better than him. You just want more once you get it the first time you want to do it again like coach said once you've done it the first time you want to do it again once you get a ring you want to get a second one you want to get a third one you want to keep on going once you win you want to be greedy and keep on winning.

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