Man from iconic Hurricane Harvey photo still recovering in Rockport

A man and his dog, who became the faces of Rockport's recovery from Hurricane Harvey, are still recovering one month later.

Many pictures were taken in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. A photo of a Rockport man and his dog quickly became the face of the storm and was used in countless fundraisers.

Steve Culver and his loyal dog Otis were the subject of that photograph that was taken outside of his home of 19 years, hours after Harvey made landfall in Rockport.

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"The car port lifted off and I felt air coming through and then the hallway doorway blew off and I realized this is really getting crazy. And then the living room roof just blew away and we lost power all in the same instant," Culver recalled.

One month later, Culver says that it still feels like Harvey blew in yesterday. He lost almost everything: furniture, the roof of his home, and the car port on the side of his house. Culver, who mostly uses a wheelchair to get around after his leg was amputated, has been sleeping on a mattress on the floor of his living room with his wife.

"We didn't get electricity for two weeks," he said. "I'm a diabetic and I lost my insulin and things because of the no power."

Culver says that he spent the $1,600 he received in temporary FEMA assistance on a generator, air conditioner, and other emergency supplies. He says that he was able to stay in a hotel for two nights because of his emergency money from his wife's employer for Harvey victims.

Even though times are tough, he says that his neighborhood will always be his home.

"It's been my home forever. My wife works here, I work here, my kids grew up here. I really don't know where else to go," he said.

Culver's neighborhood on Davis Loop isn't doing much better. Of the 27 homes in the neighborhood, seven were declared uninhabitable. Over a dozen families, including Culver's, are attempting to continue living there despite many neighbors still not having any power.

A group of San Antonians have been traveling to Culver's neighborhood over the past month. If you'd like to help in their relief effort, you can visit the Harvey Disaster Relief Efforts Facebook page or donate to the YouCaring page.

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