TYLER, Texas — Lights, camera and some action happened at Tyler's First Presbyterian Church for the filming of a music video scene.

Police Officer, Gabby Tahmahkera, in the Fort Worth area re-did the song 'Somebody's Praying' by Rickie Skaggs as a tribute to Back the Blue.

"The story kind of goes through her life and just what she deals with daily as an officer," said Amanda Kempes, intern for Center for Creative Media.

While most of the scenes were shot around Fort Worth, some pick up shots are being done in Tyler. 

That was something that excited some like Tyler Police Officer Chuck Boyce who participated in the video.

"Living in Tyler, Texas, I know the folks here as I patrol on a daily basis." Boyce said, "They love their first responders."

The scene filmed tonight was for a candlelight vigil.

"In the video she's shot, she does later recover, but between there and then there's this candle light vigil," Kempes said, "That's also kind of a tribute to law enforcement."

Boyce said he does not know the singer and while she was not at the scene on Thursday, Boyce said he "looks forward to meeting her."

Boyce has been in another music video before and said he was glad to do this one.

"Just the camaraderie, the companionship, the you know just the spirit behind it," Boyce said.

The Center for Creative Media said they have a few more shots to do and will hopefully begin editing the music video soon.