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Downtown Tyler Film Festival: Emcee's Blog - Day 1

TYLER — The downtown Tyler film festival kicked off with 'The Young' category. This category highlights filmmakers under the age of 18

There were seven film's total for the first evening:

  • "Keith Pevoto: beLIeVE" - Rhett Goldman, United States: A documentary about a man who is learning to live again after becoming blind and paralyzed due to the effects of neurosarcoidosis.
  • "BOB" - Maxim Frumkin, Russia: With the aim of obtaining a valuable guitar, the thief hypnotizes the mafia boss who possesses the instrument.
  • "Dime" - Hunter Hudson, United States: As detective Marshall Bolton investigates the murder of his brother and possible ties to the Sicilian mafia, Marshall soon uncovers a dark twist about his family.
  • "Dissolution" - Sydney Holt, United States: Dissolution follows the difficult decisions a young woman must make after witnessing her mother's act of infidelity. Should she be honest, rid herself of guilt, and destroy her family? Or protect her happiness, family unit, and her father's world at all costs?
  • "Mr. Anxious" - Zane Hill, United States: Perry, a High School student, must overcome the haunting of the mysterious figure known as Mr. Anxious.
  • "Round and Round" - Olivia Carter, United States: Being the new kid can be tough. From making new friends to finding your way around the school, Alex finds out this is nothing compared to the chimerical world of bus 44. From the popular crowd to the just plain weird, what goes on behind those tinted windows will help her find out who she is and what friendship really means. The wheels on the bus go round and round!
  • "The People vs. Collin Roberts" - Adam Palacios, United States: After being given a second chance at life, Collin Roberts strives to do better but life doesn't go easy. He is struggling with debt along with other issues and is given a choice that is life changing.

I've covered this event many times before. But tonight is the first night I've gotten to host the event.

Seeing what it takes to put on this festival is very eye opening.

From selecting the films, to passing out programs,no job is taken lightly. Which is probably why the event has been going on since 2011.

But, next year that all changes. The Downtown Tyler Film Festival will not happen next year. Don't worry though, plans are in the work for a movie, music and tech festival in partnership with Innovation Pipeline set to start in the spring of 2020.

Now, if you missed this evening's selections I wouldn't worry. The festival continues until Sunday where there will be a best of the fest, showcasing the best film from each night.