MINEOLA, Texas — Kacey Musgrave, the artist who took home the top prize at the Grammy's Sunday evening is from right here in East Texas.

Musgraves is from Golden, Texas and is considered Mineola's hometown girl. 

Musgraves started around nine years old performing all over East Texas, and later on, the entire country. 

Monday, the city of Mineola was buzzing about her wins. 

Both her former art teacher and yearbook adviser spoke about how proud they are of her. 

"Very proud moment to know that a student in your class has succeeded well beyond anything that we could've dreamed," Kacey's art teacher Kari Callison said. 

"It was huge course I wanted that to happen," yearbook adviser Jim Phillips says. "Making waves and being successful, but because I watched her grow up, you're still thinking, 'Okay, this is Kacey, and she's up against these people.' But she's made her mark. 

Along with taking home Album of the Year, Musgraves also took home Best Country Solo Performance, Best Country Song and Best Country Album. 

"Kacey is actually what a country singer used to be," Jayne Brannon Lybrand, Kacey's vocal coach said. "She builds the blocks of her touring dates around being able to be home with her family. If you look at Christmas she's home with her family, Thanksgiving, Mothers Day, you name it she's going to be with the family"

Her family has been her biggest support system. Taking her all over East Texas, and even bringing her to CBS19 regularly to perform on the Morning Show. 

Former morning anchor, Bryan Houston says he remembers how Barbara, Kacey's Nana, would be up and driving at 5 a.m. to bring her to the Tyler studio to perform two or three songs. 

Sometimes they even performed duets. 

For many in the community they love seeing Kacey on the big screen, and love it even more that she remembers small town Mineola. 

"I think it inspires the kids to see a student from our school district that you can still see her picture in the yearbook, go out and do these great things, and then come give a concert locally," Mineola Fine Arts Director, Chris Brannan said. "That money went to the art programs, the band programs, the choir programs, the theater programs here, not just in Mineola, but she allowed that money to go through all of Wood County to all the fine arts programs in Wood County. Just a few weeks ago, I received a call she did a concert, a benefit concert, where she could select an award winner to receive funding, and it was our band program in Mineola."

According to Lybrand, that's just Kacey.

"She cares about the schools she grew up in, she cares about continuing fine arts, and continuing the opportunity that she had," Lybrand said. 

Congrats Kacey on the big win! East Texas is proud of you!