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Owners, family give advice on lighting fireworks safely in burn ban county

One firework stand owner has not seen a decrease in sales, and one family plans to celebrate safely within their home county.

CHEROKEE COUNTY, Texas — The Independence Day is upon us and East Texans are ready to celebrate with some fireworks. But with most counties in the area under a burn ban, it’s important to celebrate safely.

Just south of Jacksonville's city limits on Highway 69 is a TNT fireworks stand has been in the business for over 30 years. 

Knowing there is a current burn ban in Cherokee County, the owner of the stand Mike Green said he hasn’t seen any decline in sales.

"Even if there is a burn ban, there are no ban on fireworks," Green said. "But sales had been great. As a matter of fact, I've already sold out a bunch of stuff."

Green said his business is unaffected because the sale of fireworks is still allowed, but if there was a ban on the sales he said he could lose a lot of money. 

"We had to order these things at least six months in advance because they all fall or come from overseas," Green said. "They had to make the trip from China to here. The freight on these, from this year from last that two years, has tripled in fuel and labor cost. That's the reason why the prices are a little bit higher this year."

One Jacksonville family didn’t seem to mind the price increase and plan on celebrating at a family home within county lines. 

"We are getting out of the out of the city limits and out into the county," said James Hill, a Jacksonville resident. "So we don't get any citations for popping within city limits."

As for safety while lighting the fireworks, the Hill family is taking extra precautions. 

"We're gonna have access to water hoses and stuff," Hill said. "And we're not going to be on dry grass, tallgrass or any stuff like that. We're going to try to stay in the sandy areas of the property. Trying to mitigate those hazards as much as possible."

Remember to be safe while celebrating America's birthday with fireworks, especially in burn ban counties. 

"Just have a happy Fourth of July and be careful," Green said. "As the kids are using fireworks please have an adult with you."


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