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East Texans take part in hidden artwork scavenger hunt

Many families across East Texas are taking part in the Facebook page ETX Stash and Dash.

TYLER, Texas — An East Texas Facebook page is quickly becoming a favorite pastime. 

"I've had something and stashed it and within three minutes it was gone," Tiffany Downing, creator of ETX Stash and Dash, said.

She began the Facebook page during Mother's Day. "I started the group two weeks before I did my first stash," Downing said. 

Downing created the group during quarantine. "I'm just a stay-at-home mom," she said. "I was panicking about the pandemic and my husband didn't want a lot of clutter in the house."

The page now has more than 3,000 members within communities across East Texas and in Rhode Island. 

Downing says as the number of members grew she enlisted the help of fellow admins and moderators: Austin Albert, Lakey Hinson, Vishal Patel, Moran Powell and Bryan Downing to help run the page. 

"Right now most of our players, because it’s so locally sourced, we got I think a lot of players in Longview, quite a few in Kilgore," she said. 

Here's how it works:

Those wanting to play, need to join the ETX Stash and Dash Facebook page and create a post with a picture of the items they have stashed with clues to where it's hidden. 

"You stash it," Downing said. "You find a hiding place, you stash it and take a couple pictures and give clues to where it's located."

If you find the hidden artwork, you take a picture and post it back to the Facebook page. 

"We want kids to create," she said. "We want adults to create, we want elderly to create, and it makes it a lot more fun."

Editor's Note: Additional names were credited of those that are helping to run the ETX Stash and Dash Facebook page.