TYLER, Texas —

Since the early 2000’s, many reports have been made about singer R. Kelly. Amidst the new Lifetime DocuSeries, “Surviving R. Kelly,” people are pleading with radio stations across the U.S to ban his music.

Criticism against R.Kelly grows as more of his history sexual assault is exposed.

Some took the streets of Chicago to boycott his music.. Stemming from the popular hashtag, “Mute R.Kelly.”

One twitter user says, “I am very disappointed in myself for not #MuteRKelly earlier. I will not justify sexual, physical and verbal abuse with “musical genius”. Shame on any radio station that continues to play his music. Black girls lives matter!!”

Other radio stations have chosen to not ban his music. Including an ETX radio station.

For eight years,  DJ Juice, has been a DJ for The Blaze 102.7 is trying to separate the art from the artist.

“Even though I do separate music and person, sometimes it’s just too much,” he added,  “dealing with multiple underage women is kind of sickening.”

As far as the allegations are concerned, more women have come forward with new accusations against R. Kelly. 

However, his attorney told a CBS news station in Louisiana, "Ten and a half years after he was found innocent (at trial of child pornography charges) and to fill reality TV time — someone comes up with another round of stories," he said, "No one has found any sex slaves or underage girls because there aren't any."

“If this true and if it is, people are saying mute R.Kelly, but why not arrest R.Kelly? To me it’s kind of a play and I guess a double jeopardy or whatever. You really can’t go back and try one of those cases but it kind of makes you wonder like man, could you get away with all of this stuff,” DJ Juice says.

One last thing to note,  we’ve reached out to another radio station in Tyler, still playing R.Kelly's music but they have chosen not to speak with CBS19.