PARKLAND, Florida -- Westlake, Ohio native and YouTube star Jake Paul has created a five-point plan to stop school shootings after meeting with survivors of the Parkland school shooting.

Paul detailed his plan and documented his interviews with Parkland survivors in a video uploaded to his YouTube page Monday.

Paul sat down with students and parents who were impacted by the tragedy that occurred Feb. 14, when 17 people were killed by former student Nikolas Cruz.

Paul also spoke with Sen. Marco Rubio on laws and how they're passed, asking simple questions like, "Can you explain some of the struggles around passing laws?” and "Is there something new that you’re working on?"

Rubio said that the key to preventing school shootings is to identify potential shooters ahead of time.

In the end, Paul says he believes school shootings can be stopped in five steps, none of which entail gun control:

  • Install bulletproof glass inside all schools
  • Hire more school resource officers
  • Mandate social media outlets to monitor content more
  • Provide students with defensive gear, like bulletproof backpacks
  • Set up more checkpoints at school entries

Paul said the reason for his video is to "activate parents and kids within their own schools and communities."

"That's the way things are going to get done the fastest. We don't want to wait for hundreds of people in Washington D.C. to pass the laws," Paul added.

See Paul's full video below: