Students across East Texas are continuing to spend time at home instead of in the classroom due to COVID-19. 

When Nikki Driver, a Henderson ISD fourth grade teacher, first learned that students would receive an extended spring break she decided to create an online digital learning platform.

“My first thought is of course for all of our kids that may not have a whole lot of support at home, what that's gonna look like for them,” Mrs. Driver said. “For a lot of our students, the most consistent thing in their life is seeing our faces every morning.”

The Facebook page called ‘Our Digital Classroom’ allows teachers to go live and teach different lesson plans.

 “I don't know how much we will achieve academically, but if they still continue to see us every day and know that we are thinking about them, we think that they'll do okay,” Mrs. Driver said. “It's really just our way of trying to continue, to instill some sort of normalcy through the madness. We started with teachers from our Intermediate School campus. We had three ELA teachers and a couple of math teachers and a science teacher, and we just made a schedule."

Henderson ISD shared the digital classroom through its Facebook page, but it wasn't a requirement for students last week. The district’s latest post has students returning to campus on April 7.

Starting Monday, March 23, parents and students will be able to access weekly lessons that aim to review and reteach skills they have learned this year.