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How To Texas: Food favorites in the Lone Star state

If you are new to Texas, we’ve got the foods that you have to try to truly call yourself a Texan.

SAN ANTONIO — If you are new to Texas, we’ve got the foods that you have to try to truly call yourself a Texan.

And you can’t be a Texan without Tex-Mex!

Restaurant manager Miguel Jorge from San Antonio puts a Texas twist on classic Mexican favorites. At his restaurant, Mi Tierra, you can find cheese enchiladas with uniquely Texas chili.

Credit: KENS

“Enchiladas are a Mexican thing, and chili, this kind of chili, is a Texas thing. So, if you put the enchiladas and the chili and the cheese together, that’s how it’s a Tex-Mex thing,” Jorge noted.

Another Texas twist, Jorge adds barbacoa to the iconic Huevos Rancheros.

“I’m from Mexico, from Monterrey, and I had never heard of Huevos Rancheros until I came to the states. And here in Texas, it’s like a really big thing.”

Credit: KENS

Add a glass bottle of Big Red to your meal and it’s a match made in Tex-Mex heaven!

Click here for more information on Mi Tierra.

Moving on to another must-have in Texas … barbecue!

 We talked to grill master Stewart Peacock of the Barbecue Station, who says Texans love their brisket and sausage.

““In Texas, you’ve got to have have brisket and sausage and beans and potato salad. That’s a staple right there,” Peacock said. “Our brisket we put on the night before, slow smoked with mesquite and live oak.”

Credit: KENS 5

Even Peacock’s side dishes have a spicy kick.

““Jalapeno mac and cheese, it’s pretty good stuff. We have sold a bunch of that”.

But the main ingredient to any barbecue joint in the Lone Star state is that warm Texas hospitality.

 “You can come in here in a suit and tie or a t-shirt and flip flops. Doesn’t matter, we welcome everybody,” Peacock said.

Click here for more information on the Barbecue Station.

Don’t forget the dessert!

Credit: KENS 5

You can find pies all across the USA, but in Texas, we add a unique twist. Texas pie-maker Scott Calvert uses Deep Eddy Vodka in his pies, as well as other well-known Texas liquors at his shop, Tootie Pie Co.

Click here for more information on Tootie Pie Co.

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