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Looking for art? Starting Saturday, it's finders keepers

Aurora is hiding pieces all over Dallas in hopes of spreading art to unexpected places.

DALLAS — Have you ever seen a fancy, expensive piece of art and wished you could take it home with you?

Well, now you can.

Every week, for the next five weeks, Aurora, a public arts organization, will hide pieces of art all over Dallas. The group will release clues through its newsletter and Instagram, @dallasaurora, guiding people to the art’s location and whoever finds it, keeps it.

“If you’re able to get one of these pieces, you’ve got a valuable work of art that you now own,” said Aurora co-founder and executive director Joshua King.

Aurora’s mission is to introduce art to people and places it’s not normally accessible.

“We go to the communities and take art to the streets and to the places where you wouldn’t expect it,” King said.

That’s how they came up with the art scavenger hunt they call Art Quest.

Starting Saturday, and then every Saturday through August 6, a 3D-printed sculpture will be hidden somewhere in Dallas. A total of five pieces will be hidden over five weeks.

Each one is designed by a well-known artist. Medcad, a medical manufacturer, is using its 3D printers to bring the pieces to life.

The art will be hidden in neighborhoods where art isn’t already available.

King says many of Aurora’s members grew up in rural areas where art wasn’t prevalent. However, their lives and careers were changed once they were exposed to art.

He hopes Art Quest will do the same.

“We’re hopefully transforming the lives of someone who’s not expecting it,” King said.

To see the artists and communities where pieces will be hidden, visit https://dallasaurora.com/Art-Quest.

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