Do you need to find a home repair specialist, doctor or help with insurance? We've got you covered with a list of people you can call if you need help.

Minor Home Repairs 

Elder Care

Domestic Violence

Mental Health



Medical Advocacy 

Advocate ATX: (512) 967-3363 

Medical Advoate Help 

Professional Patient Advocates: (512) 969-8447

Houston Health AdvocacyOffice - 281-624-6676 Direct - 832-428-4104

Houston Health Conference:  (832) 452 1592

Animal Abuse 


  • PATH: 903-597-PATH (7284), 

Utility Assistance

  • PATH903-597-PATH (7284)

Prescription Assistance 

PATH903-597-PATH (7284), 

Rent/Housing Assistance

PATH903-597-PATH (7284), 

Car Repair/Transportation

Insurance Fraud