After Chelsey Ramos took some passport photos for an upcoming trip, she was surprised to discover what her brand new passport looked like when it arrived in the mail.

Ramos and her boyfriend, Reece Lagunas, are planning to visit Baumholder, Germany at the end of September for three weeks to visit her mother and grandmother. So several weeks ago, the two of them went to Costco to take their passport photos.

What she submitted to to the U.S. Department of State was a perfectly normal photo. What she was given in return was a very unfortunate-looking passport. Lagunas posted on Reddit a side-by-side comparison of the initial photo taken and the photo that appeared on her passport with a title that read, "The State Department nailed by girlfriend's passport."

Chelsey Ramos' boyfriend posted on Reddit a side-by-side comparision of the initial photo she submitted versus the unfortunate passport photo she received.

Since posting the photo on Reddit, many have predictably made plenty of Coneheads references.

"Mmmm.... I am an illegal alien," one Redditor commented. "Must be a relative of Beldar's."

Lagunas said his girlfriend didn't see the humor in the passport initially.

"At first, she was stark raving pissed, but we just couldn't stop laughing," Lagunas told KVUE. "And she handled it right away, so it wasn't stressful or anything."

The State Department is sending Ramos a new -- hopefully more accurate -- passport before she goes abroad.

In the meantime, she's being a good sport about it. She's even embracing the obvious connections people are making from her botched photo:

After getting a botched passport from the State Department, Chelsey Ramos seems to be taking it in stride.