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Tyler mom, son create 'Harry and His Big Nose' to promote self-esteem, hopes to prevent bullying

Simeon Hudson, a fifth-grader from Tyler wrote a book with his mom to encourage kids to embrace their differences and to help end bullying in schools.

TYLER, Texas — A new book titled "Harry and His Big Nose" is teaching children that bullying in any form is not OK. 

The children's book written by Candace and Simeon Hudson, a Tyler mom and her fifth-grade son, was inspired after Simeon saw one of his friends getting bullied in school.

"I was out in recess and I saw one of my classmates getting bullied by another and I told the teacher and she stopped the bullying," Simeon Hudson said. "Then when I got home, I told my mother that we should write a book about it so we can stop it and help kids realize that they are unique and special the way they are."

Harry is a fictional character that Simeon created. He thought of the story, the title, and illustrated the entire book himself. His mom helped with the grammar and structure of the story. 

"I didn't really think he was really that serious and then I thought 'wow this is a good book' and we sat down and we started writing out the story," Candace Hudson said. 

In the book, Harry's mom teaches him that he should be proud of his nose because it makes him one of a kind.

"It doesn't matter what the people who are bullying say because the way God created them is unique and the people that are bullying did not create that person, so they cannot judge them by how they look," Simeon said.

The book also teaches a very important message that both kids and adults need to remember: We are all beautiful and unique in our own ways.

"We want every child to feel comfortable with the way God made them, whether they have a big nose, little nose, big ears, big feet, we want them to have self-esteem and feel confident in who they are," Candace said. 

Simeon has big plans for the future. He wants to create the "Harry series" focusing on different topics. He started with anti-bullying and self-love and plans to write stories about personal hygiene next.

You can find a copy of "Harry and His Big Nose" on Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and Walmart.

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