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Longview woman searches for daycares that are accepting children with special needs

A woman in Longview raised concern through her social media for the need of local special needs daycares and the struggles that come with it.

LONGVIEW, Texas — Channing Thompson is a mother of five. 

Four of her kids are in daycare, but for her son Sawyer, it’s difficult to find one for him.

Sawyer is five-year- old, he has autism and he is nonverbal.

Thompson said she’s looked everywhere in Longview for a daycare that will accept him. Some daycares she’s reached out to will say they have a spot open until she explains to them he has autism.

“I'll tell them, you know, he has a disability and they'll ask, you know, what is it and then I'll tell him, he's autistic. And they're like, oh, we'll, you know, actually, we don't have a spot," Thompson said.

She said the reason for the rejection is because the daycares say they don’t have the one on one care he requires, which has put a halt in her work life as well.

Thompson made a post on Facebook desperate for anyone to help her find a daycare that will accept him.

With that, she realized she wasn’t alone in the search. Thompson just wants an equal chance for her son.

"I just wished that daycare owners would see this and open their hearts a little bit to these other kids," Thompson said.

However, for those looking for a place for their children with special needs to be active this summer, Camp Sunshine in Tyler will be open June 13 to 17. Parents can find registration on their Facebook page.

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