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A/C repair companies 'feeling the heat' as temperatures rise

“We are beginning to see a lot more calls coming in. Summertime is, it's just a really rough time, you know, you can’t always gauge it."

TYLER, Texas — Around this time of year, A/C companies work around the clock to repair A/C units.

With the temperatures heating up homes, businesses are already feeling the effects. 

“We had a couple of our units that with out this week. Both in our administration building but also in our main building and it was miserable for those couple of days,” said Rev. Dr. Stuart Baskin, Pastor of First Presbyterian Church. 

Maddox Air Conditioning company says some of the common problems they see while out on repairs are a lack of air filters not being switched out frequently. Along with older units causing leaks that can lead to major repairs. 

“If it is not maintained the temperatures can cause the fan monitors to fail and possibly your compressor to fail so everyone should make sure they’re taking care of their AC units,” said Chris Newson, AC Technician for Maddox AC.   

Jones also adds that it’s important to check your A/C and change your air filter every 3 months to before the summer months to avoid A/C outages. 

“If you have a service regularly, and change that filter, check it once a month, change it once a month, if it needs it, that kind of thing,” said Jones. “These are all some things that will help prevent, you know, long term issues and some pretty costly repairs.” 

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