The Caldwell Zoo has always been more than just a place to see and learn about animals from different parts of the world.

It also involves heavily educating its visitors about those animals as well as ways to conserve the world that we as humans share with our wild friends.

The zoo kicked off Wild Bird Feeding Month with 'Wild Bird Tweets' on Saturday which taught visitors about what they can do to help birds around their homes.

"With our education, we try to do as much as possible for what people can be doing locally to help with animals," said Beth Jones, a Caldwell Zoo teacher.

Activities included making birdhouses and bird nests.

Each month the zoo will host different events to educate the public in a variety of different topics.

"In March we will have "Poison Jungle Safari" with the position control center, and in April we’ll celebrate Earth Day, we’ll have groups from all over the community here to share what they’re doing to help the planet, and what the public can do as a whole to help the planet."