The Kurth Memorial Animal Shelter, managed by the City of Lufkin, received a generous grant from PetSmart Charities, according a press release issued Wednesday morning.

The $38,850 grant was used to enhance the shelter's cat adoption room with new cat condos as well as help with the overall health and well-being of the shelter cats.

“Amanda Cagnon, our administrative technician, recognized a great need to improve our cat housing at the shelter. She took the initiative to find resources to make this happen,” said Aaron Ramsey, Director of Animal Services for the City of Lufkin.

The grant comes from "Shelter Operations." one of the categories of PetSmart Charities' ten categories designed to support animal welfare organizations and nonprofits as part of their expanded mission to find lifelong loving homes for all pets by supporting programs that bring people and pets together.

Ramsey said the remodeling is complete, and cats now have much more room to move around instead of being cooped up in cages.

“Healthy cats are happy cats, which are more easily adopted. We are proud to support City of Lufkin in its efforts to foster a healthy environment for local shelter cats as they continue their journey to find forever homes,” said Kelly Balthazor, regional relationship manager at PetSmart Charities.

The Kurth Animal Shelter is a high volume open admission shelter that accepts strays and owned animals regardless of age, health, species, or breed. For more information about the shelter and adoptable pets, visit their Facebook page.