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Retired Smith County constable K-9 officer passes away

Smith County Precinct 4 constable Josh Joplin announced on Facebook, his former K-9 partner, Calif has died.

SMITH COUNTY, Texas — A retired K-9 officer and constables dog has passed away in Smith County Monday.

Smith County Precinct 4 constable Josh Joplin announced on Facebook, his retired K-9 officer and dog, Calif has died.

"It is with great sadness that I share with the Precinct 4 community today, that I had to say goodbye to the best partner, ally and best friend that I’ve ever had, Calif," Joplin said. "He was my comfort zone, my rock, and the only thing in this world that gave me true happiness all the time and had my trust 100%." 

Calif was born on Jun 26, 2011 and became a Joplin's partner on Dec. 13, 2012. For five years, Calif served the citizens of Brownsboro, the Texas Police Department, and the Smith County Precinct 4 for three years at the constable’s office before his retirement in 2019.  

"He and I stared danger in the face many many times. But together we came through it," Joplin said. "I want to thank you Calif for your many years of dedicated service to law enforcement and thank you for being my best friend and bringing joy to my life and my family’s life. Above all else thank you for being my protector and loving the people and me unconditionally."

Calif lived a great four years of retirement. He loved to play tug, loved searching for illegal narcotics, and really loved bite work and tracking. 

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