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Tyler family invents sanitation device to help prevent spread of COVID-19

The fight against the coronavirus has prompted many people to get creative.

TYLER, Texas — The Wilsons, just like many other families, had to adjust very quickly to the coronavirus pandemic. 

However, one of their biggest concerns is how are they were going to protect Jessika Wilson's mother, Eva.

Eva suffered a stroke two years ago. Now she has a tracheostomy tube in her throat and is under 24/7 care.

"The trach is the biggest concern just because there’s no barrier you know?, said Jessika. "With us, we can wear our masks but if I cover that, that’s her only way of breathing."

This family had to come up with something and fast. Thus, the Santi-Grip was born.

Credit: Jessika Wilson

It’s super simple to use. You walk up to any door the Santi-Grip is attached to and when you grab the knob, you just push in slightly and it’s going to release the sanitizer into your hands. 

The Wilson’s invention has reached far and wide, and even made it to the TV show "Shark Tank."

The goal for their product wasn't the recognition, but rather protecting as many people as possible.

“I would love for it to be on every business door, schools, hospitals, just make a difference in the community,” Jeff Wilson said.

The Wilsons have finished their first mass order of product — soon to be seen in businesses near you. 

If you see this and feel inspired to create something yourself, the Wilsons say to go for it. 

“Push those boundaries and just keep going," Jessika said. "No matter how crazy you look to people. If you have an idea and God gave it to you, you run with that."

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