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Experience a Beer Bath at Pivovar in Waco

Pivovar in Waco is a brewery, hotel and spa all wrapped up in one. They offer the unique experience of a Beer Bath spa get away.

WACO, Texas — You haven't experienced the most unique spa yet because you have yet to try Pivovar's Beer Bath in Waco.

Yes, the restaurant, hotel and brewery also offers a Beer Bath to anyone who is looking to relax for an hour.

A Beer Bath consists of hops, barley and medicinal herbs. Hops and Barley are two ingredients used to make beer, but know that you aren't soaking in fermented beer, just the ingredients used to make the liquid gold.

Some of you might wonder why a Beer Bath is even a thing. Well, it began as a Czech tradition.

"In the Czech Republic, beer is basically gold," Steven Beseda, the CEO of Pivovar, said.

In the Czech Republic, the baths are known to rejuvenate and benefit the human body. After an hour of soaking in the mixture, your skin is bound to feel smooth and your brain will be relaxed.

Pivovar claims the bath is rich in essential vitamin B, carbohydrates and proteins. Hops are also proven to soothe any skin irritations you might have.

Now you don't drink the bath. You drink the flight of Pivovar beer that is offered with the spa day.

If you want, you can pair a charcuterie board with the experience as well.

The whole experience lasts one hour and it's recommended you don't shower 12 hours after so you can feel the full effect of the bath.

 If you have good immune health, Beseda said you should come back once a month.

The spa starts at $200 per hour for a single or double spa. Click here to book your experience.

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