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Tyler family seeking help to find stolen Christmas decoration

"I wish they would bring it back to us," Earl Cunningham said. "It means a lot to us because of Fleming."

TYLER, Texas — A Tyler family is seeking help locating a stolen Christmas decoration, symbolic of a lost loved one.

The Cunningham family put up their Christmas decorations shortly before Thanksgiving. Less than a week later, they noticed their most sentimental decoration was missing. 

Earl Cunningham's son passed away unexpectedly on Nov. 15. Cunningham says the family was supposed to gather at he and his wife's house for Thanksgiving, so his daughter put up the Lone Star lights and deer in memory of her brother.

The family strategically placed the deer close to the front door, however, the deer was gone just six days later.  

The home has security cameras, but they were unable to detect the theft. The Cunninghams went door-to-door hoping their neighbors' security cameras would be able to help them identify the thief. Cunningham says due to their neighbors' camera positions, they were unable to see the incident. 

The Tyler Police Department encourages everyone to report a theft, big or small.

"We might not be able to find the person who did the crime, but if we find that person later, we might be able to clear that crime and get property back," said Det. Andy Erbaugh.

"I wish they would bring it back because it means a lot to us because of Fleming," Cunningham said.