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BBB Report: New reports show scammers targeting college graduates

“When new graduates are looking for new apartments, they're looking for how they're going to pay student loans. Scammers do like to take advantage."

TYLER, Texas — The first few months after graduation for new graduates can be the most exciting and challenging time. 

A new list of responsibilities is made, from looking for a new job to finding a new home or apartment. 

Scammers also take advantage of new graduates when it comes to applying for a job or an apartment online. 

Mechele Mills, with Better Business Bureau for Central East Texas, says it's best to research regarding apartment hunting. Lately, she's noticed recent grads get scammed with online applications. 

"One of the things that we see a lot is fake rental properties are fake apartments, because they may be moving to another state or just to another city," Mills said. "If somebody sends you a picture, just remember, they could have taken that picture from anywhere. You want to make sure that you do a reverse lookup, you know, to make sure that that wasn't just swept off the internet."

The same applies for online job applications, especially as the job market grows with more remote job applications online.

"Remote positions are really appealing to people nowadays, but just remember, not all remote positions are actually legitimate," Mills said. "One good rule is, if it offers you a lot of money for a little experience and little effort, it's probably a scam."

Mills also said do not accept interviews via text or email but in person. Legitimate employers will typically want to meet applicants in person and have a thorough interview process. 

Lastly is student loans; never respond to emails, text messages or phone calls offering better rates or student loan forgiveness. 

"You always really want to initiate contact when it comes to these things," Mills said. "Look for government websites that will be able to help you to figure out the best way for you to pay your student loans off."

To learn more to avoid scams or if you've been a victim, visit bbb.org to learn more. 

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