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Grandma delivers grandson on bedroom floor of Greensboro home

The Strayhorns were expecting their baby boy to come on March 28. However, baby Konquer had a plan of his own.

GREENSBORO, N.C. — A Greensboro couple welcomed their fourth child into the world, not in a hospital, but in the comfort of their own home. And the baby's grandma helped deliver him. 

This pregnancy wasn't the first time at the rodeo for Mackenzie and Janson Strayhorn. With three children already, the Strayhorns figured they had this child birthing thing down. The couple was expecting their baby boy to come on the 28th of March, but baby Konquer had a plan of his own. 

Janson Strayhorn had just closed his eyes after a long day of "false alarms" when he was awakened out of his sleep.

"All I remember is falling asleep, coming back tired from sitting in the hospital with her all night, that prior night. Waking up to my mom coming through the door, hearing her voice for like a few seconds. Then they're yelling at me, Janson. Janson. The baby! I'm like, what? We just got home, what's going on? I jump up, I'm opening drawers, I'm opening closets. They like, NO, the baby! Man, it was crazy."

Mackenzie, who's the real hero of the day, said although the experience wasn't ideal, she is just thankful it was a quick and relatively easy process. "From 9:30 when we called 911, to 9:36, my water had broke, and the baby was out. The paramedics got here four minutes afterward."

Janson's mother Denise was there and was the one that caught baby Konquer as he made his way out of his mother's womb. "In all, it was just such an amazing experience. And I do have a new title, and my family says I can put it on my resume. I'm not just Denise anymore, I'm Dr. Denise," said Denise. 

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