TYLER, Texas — Every Tuesday Pat Ammon brings her mom Doris Flood to the Tyler Senior Center to play Rummy Cube with her friends. 

"Rummy Cube is just the best game ever," Doris said. "You still have fun if you win or if you lose." 

On May 8, Doris celebrated a major milestone, turning 105. 

"I mean 105! How many people do you know that are 105?" Pat said. 

So in honor of one of their most consistent visitors, the Senior Center held a birthday party for Doris.

"Tyler and the Tyler Senior Center want to wish you a happy birthday." center supervisor Kay Odom said. 

Doris was born in 1914 in New York City and likes to make sure everyone knows it.

"That's why the empire state is the best," Doris said. "Because we know both (summer and winter)."

Doris is still able to get around without much assistance and loves to read.

When asked about what has given her such a long, active life, Doris says it is simply about keeping your mind active with puzzles.

"I've been doing crossword puzzles and cryptograms," Doris said. "I can't remember when I started. That's how long it's been."