Editor's Note: The above video is a story on how to get married at Whataburger for Valentine's Day.

The holiday of love is also the holiday of spending; billions, yeah, BILLIONS are spent for Feb. 14, making it the second-priciest holiday in the US.

WalletHub crunched numbers ranging from amounts spent on specific items, least-desired gifts, marriage proposals estimated to happen and more.

There's a ton of numbers here, so let's get into it:

  • $27.4 billion is projected be spent this Valentine's Day
  • Around $196 is the average amount spent on one person
  • 30% of annual flower sales happen around the 14th
  • A mixtape is the least-desired gift (despite being the go-to present in popular 80s and 90s movies, but okay)
  • 45% of people will NOT celebrate the holiday
  • 9 million marriage proposals are projected to happen on the 14th
  • Dating app usage will increase by 20%
  • The best city to celebrate Valentine's Day is San Francisco

Well, there you have it — a hodgepodge of data to tell your friends at the water-cooler.

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