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MASTERING YOUR GARDEN: Fall bulbs in bloom

As the seasons begin to change, so do the flowers we have the chance to enjoy. Master Gardener Anne Pattullo helps us explore the different fall bulbs in bloom

TYLER, Texas — As our plants that thrive in the hot, summer weather prepare to turn over for fall, bulbs dormant during warmer months are beginning to bloom with encouragement from recent rain.

In this week's Smith County Master Gardeners series, Anne Pattullo discussed different types of plants that stem from the Amaryllis family. 

Oxblood lilies, or schoolhouse lilies, are hardy plants that begin to appear early in the fall season, typically after a good rain.

"They bloom when school starts," Pattullo said. "They are dormant all summer and then start to bloom after it rains."

Speaking of rain, another fall perennial known as the "White Rain Lily" blooms in late August to early November. 

"These are especially pretty because they have bright yellow stamens in the center," Pattullo said.

These flowers are also easy to maintain, springing up after autumn rain.

Another flower to look out for would be the "Red Spider Lily," which is also part of the Amaryllis family. These flowers are known for their blooms that can be white or red.

"The long spidery stamens that come out from it are what make it so special," she said.

It's another flower you can plant and not have to worry about as long as they have rain to thrive from. 

The spider lily has a variety of names including "Hurricane Lily" (because blooms around Hurricane season), magic lily, surprise lily and the most common.. the naked lady.

"The naked lady is the most common nickname because they come up on that tall, naked stem," Pattullo said.

Pattullo added all three flowers will bring gardeners enjoyment into early winter, typically making them big sellers at the Smith County Gardener's bulb sale. 

You can find all of these flowers by visiting the Heritage Rose Garden and Idea Garden located at the city of Tyler's Rose Garden Center.

If you would like to reach the Master Gardeners of Smith County, you can send them an email at smithmhelpdesk@gmail.com or visit their Facebook page. 

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