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With Fall in focus, experts say now is the best time to plant wildflower seeds

Wildflowers thrive in East Texas during Spring bloom, but the best time to plant seedlings is in early Autumn.

TEXAS, USA — Wildflowers are widely popular in East Texas during the Spring bloom but if you want some wildflowers to enjoy of your own, experts say early in the Fall season is best when it comes to planting.

September and October are optimal times for planting wildflower seedlings in East Texas as it offers time for the plants to germinate and establish roots before the rainy season begins. 

Program manager Joseph Johnson of 'The Gardens' at Texas A&M University says that prospective plant owners shouldn't worry about planting during cooler months as the temperature change could be helpful.

"September is a great time to do it just before the Winter rains and the cold weather really start kicking in," Johnson said. "Some seeds need a little bit of a cold period. Sometimes that cold period, some wetness, that combination of freeze and thaw sometimes help breaks open some of those seed coats."

Johnson says it is important the seeds touch the soil so tilling and tamping the ground is recommended. Most wildflowers enjoy sunshine and require little care so pick a sunny spot and try not to overwater. Fertilizer is usually unnecessary but try picking out a variety of seeds native to your area.

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